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Martin Poole

I joined Martin at one of his workshop's South of Perth to hear him talk about his work as a 20+ year professional photographer and videographer and joined him and four models sharing knowledge, tips and ideas. The only 'doubt of the day' was that he allegedly stated that he was only 24 and available.

A word from Martin, "With over 20 yrs in the industry my greatest asset is my ability to connect with people through the lens and create images that tell a story. I really enjoy creating images that are different and my use of light still relates to my background in the theatre. I also like to think that my images are different and I love the use of dramatic light to capture or enhance a moment. Please call me to discuss a personal or commercial project whatever your budget. I look forward to hearing from you." Mob: 0450 919 296

Martin Poole Speedlite Photography

You can find Martin at -

Some of my work from Martin's workshop -


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